Founded in 2010, by Baindu Conté-Coomber, Jaara has evolved from a five-member dance company into a multilayer and multidisciplinary cultural arts non-profit. Based in both Boston and San Francisco, Jaara encourages the exploration of the diverse African heritages and traditions inherent of the continent, and serves as a medium to disseminate these heritages and traditions to the broader community through dance, education and outreach.

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DANCE •  The Jaara Dance Project dancers are recognized for their fearless physicality and versatile repertoire. With a continued focus on achieving mastery in their arts, the Jaara Dance Project embraces the philosophy of inclusion and shared connectivity by building communities and advancing the evolving vocabulary of the African Diaspora.

EDUCATION •  With an emphasis on respecting and appreciating the traditions and cultures of the dance forms, the dynamic members of the Jaara Dance Project provide classes and lessons in the rhythms and movements of both the African Diaspora (traditional & urban) and experimental dance forms. Our teachers are dedicated to providing a safe environment and the guidance to explore different dance styles.

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